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50mm High Built Up Stainless Steel Letters

50mm high stainless steel letters, 40mm returns, 10mm stroke thickness, polished finish.


Cast Bronze House Numbers

Cast bronze house numbers in Ribbon Deep Font. Contact us for a price.

Cast Bronze House Numbers in Ribbon Deep Font 150mm high.


Cast Metal House Numbers

100mm high, cast aluminium numbers, black painted finish, Ribbon Deep font.

100mm high, Cast Aluminium House Numbers, Ribbon Deep Font.
Contact for a price. Other sizes and colours available, all numbers are custom cast to order from a range of standard casting fonts.

6mm Thick Brushed Stainless Steel Letters

6mm thick marine grade brushed stainless steel for architectural house sign letters. 100mm high and 65mm high, Arial Bold italic font.



Contact for a price.

Large Brass Letters

Big brass built up letters with a brushed finish. Recommended for interior use. Letters have a thin clear coating lacquer. Flat cut brass letters may be used outside due to the more durable polyurethane clear coating applied but brushed built up letters are only lightly coated with an acrylic lacquer.

Painted Metal Lettering

Painted metal letters. 6″ high aluminium letters , 6mm thick, painted black gloss.

Black Painted Aluminium Letters



Large Copper Letters

brushed-Satin-CopperBig solid copper letters, 380mm high, 10mm thick, threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing onto a wall. The letters have a brushed finish on the face and satin finished sides. The letters are clear protective coated.


Copper letters are custom cut to order using state of the art technology either CNC routed, waterjet cut or laser cut depending on the job and what machine is available to cut the letters at the time, letter are finished to the same which ever cutting method is used.large-copper-letters-380mmhigh-10mmthick

10mm thick Brushed Stainless Steel Letters

100mm high, brushed stainless steel letters, 10mm thick. Helvetica font.






Polished Aluminium Letters

Polished Aluminium Letters. 90mm high, 19mm thick. clear polyurethane protective coating. Other sizes and fonts available, all letters are custom made to order.



For advice and a price contact ArroSigns
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Stainless Steel Letters – Brushed Gold Text

Brushed gold coloured stainless steel lettering in a Times Roman font. Threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing onto a brick wall.

Gold Brushed stainless steel letters. Times New Roman font. 1.5mm thick, 4mm dia threaded rod fixings, paper template. Ideal for fitting onto brick, concrete or stone walls.