Flat Cut Stainless Steel Letters


Stainless steel sign letters are custom cut to order supplied in any font. They can be in a  traditional font such as Times Roman or in a contemporary font such as Gill Sans, giving a modern look.

Stainless steel letters are supplied in a brushed finish or polished stainless steel finish, supplied in 3mm thick  with brass locators or rod fixings. Letter may also be supplied with VHB tape as an alternative.

Brushed or Polished stainless steel letters are supplied in 3mm thick when using locators or threaded rod fixings otherwise an impression of the fixings could show through the face of the letter. The letters are supplied with a paper fixing template which has the letters all pre-spaced and with all  the fixing points shown enabling D.I.Y. fitting.


Polished stainless steel letters
Brushed face stainless steel letters
Small polished metal letters in a Roman font.

Stainless steel cut out metal letters can also be cut much smaller than alternatives such as acrylic and still be very strong. They can be cut to heights as small as 15mm high. Fonts are more limited at this sort of height and standard Arial fonts are the norm. they are fixed either with VHB tape or glued into position.

6mm thick brushed stainless steel.

Stainless steel letters are now available 6mm thick in a brushed face finish. Ask for a price, All letters and numbers are custom cut to order from a range of fonts or from customers own vector artwork.

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