Metal Letters For Business and Property Name Signs

Stainless Steel Lettering. Stainless steel letters are laser cut in either brushed finish stainless steel  or polished stainless steel 304 grade.

Marine grade 316 is also available when specifically requested. Marine grade is recommended for boat names and property signs close to the sea. Stainless steel letters are supplied with either brass locator fixings or threaded rods.

Flat Cut Stainless Steel Letters
Built Up Stainless Steel Lettering

Flat Cut Stainless Steel Letters. Stainless steel metal letters are cut to order and are available in any font.  They can be in a traditional font such as Times Roman or in a contemporary font giving a modern look.

Where stainless steel letters are supplied in a brushed finish they can be either 1.5mm ,2mm or 3mm thick. If a polished stainless steel finish is required they can be supplied in 1.5mm or 2mm( without standard fixings -fixed instead with VHB tape) or 3mm thick if supplied with locator/rod fixings.

Built Up Stainless Steel Letters. Built up stainless steel letters are manufactured from 0.9/1mm stainless with a flat face
and welded returns. The returns are usually around 10% of the letter height until the stainless steel letters get to around 500mm high. The fixings are the same as with flat cut metal letters except a bridging bar is welded to the back of the letter for the fixing . Although the letters are made to order, due to the nature of their construction the choice of  fonts/type styles is more limited .

Gold Coloured Titanium Plated
Aluminium Letters With A Polished face and Sides.

 Titanium plated gold coloured stainless steel Letters are available in either polished or brushed gold coloured stainless steel finish. Custom made from 3mm thick flat cut sheet, also made as built up gold stainless steel letters.

Aluminium Letters with a Brushed or polished face. Cast or cut from a flat sheet. letters are clear protective coated to prevent oxidization. All aluminium letters are custom made to order. Cast aluminium letters are limited to an existing font list while flat cut letters may be cut from any font.

Brushed Face Brass Letters

Brass letters. Brass letters are available in different finishes, polished brass finish, brushed, oxidized, darkly oxidized. Letters are cut from sheet brass in differing thickness depending on the customer’s requirements.
Arro Signs also cast brass letters, custom-made cast brass letters. The example shows 6mm thick, 100mm high, cut from sheet brushed brass, letter ‘G’. Brass Letters.

Polished face bronze Letters

Bronze Letters. Bronze lettering. Custom made to order. Cut from a flat sheet in various thickness’s in Brushed finish, polished finish, oxidized, dark oxidized. Cast bronze letters are custom made to order subject to availability. The example shows a polished bronze letter ‘E’, 100mm high, 6mm thick. Bronze letters are clear protective coated. Other sizes are available.

Brushed Face Copper Letters

Copper Letters. Copper letters. Custom made to order. Various sizes and thickness, any font. polished or brushed finish. Clear protective coated. The example shows brushed copper letter, 150mm high, 6mm thick. Custom made copper letters may be cut from customers own vector artwork.

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