Bronze Letters

Bronze letters are profile cut from 3mm or 6mm thick solid bronze sheet or they are made from solid cast bronze to a varied depth depending on the size of the letters. Available in polished or brushed finish and clear polyurethane coated. Rod fixings are fitted to the back for wall fixing.

Example of Brushed bronze colour.
Video shows brushed bronze lettering, ‘The Army Headquarters Mess.’
175mm high, 3mm thick, rod fixings on the back. Arial Bold font.

Example of Brushed bronze Lettering

Brushed Bronze
Brushed Bronze Cut Lettering

Example of Brushed oxidized bronze letters.


Example of polished bronze letters

Example of Patina Bronze Letters.
Example of Cast Bronze with Patina Finish.

Patina Bronze.

Example below indicates dark anodized bronze coloured aluminium letters. 268mm high, 19mm thick. Dark bronze anodized aluminium.

Cast brushed bronze letters. Example shows a 100mm high letter, 15mm thick, Garamond Bold font. other sizes and  fonts are available, please ask for a price. Cast bronze letters.


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