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Premium Quality Polished Aluminium Letters

Aluminium letters, polished face and sides. Polished aluminium letters for the PENTHOUSE.

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Medium Anodized Aluminium Colour Guide

Medium Anodized Aluminium and Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium.

Colour guide.


Anodized Aluminium Colours

Polished Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium.

Polished Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium.

Polished Gold Anodized Aluminium.

Polished Gold Anodized Aluminium.

Gold Standard Anodized Aluminium.

Gold Standard Anodized Aluminium.




Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium Letters

Dark bronze anodized aluminium letters with a vertical grain or horizontal grain. Custom made to order from customers artwork. Supplied in various thickness’s and sizes.

Example below indicates 268mm high letter, 19mm thick in a dark bronze anodized aluminium with a vertical brushed finish.



Anodized aluminium letters.

Painted Cast Metal Letters

Painted cast aluminium lettering, available in a select range of popular fonts, ideal for property name signs.

Example above indicates painted aluminium letters, cast to a height of 8″ and a thickness of 1.75″ thick, supplied with threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing onto a brick wall. Part of an order that said ‘RIVEN COURT’. The font used was called Roffe Font.

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Polished Aluminium Letters

Polished Aluminium Letters. 90mm high, 19mm thick. clear polyurethane protective coating. Other sizes and fonts available, all letters are custom made to order.



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Aluminium Letters -Painted Metal Finish

Painted aluminium metal letters, 292mm high, 3mm thick, brass locators on the back, Arial font. painted RAL 7037, powder coated.