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How Do You Wax Brass For Outside Use

To wax brass for outside use, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the Brass: Start by cleaning the brass thoroughly to remove any dirt, grime, or oxidation. Use a mixture of warm water and mild soap, and gently scrub the brass surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse off the soap residue and allow the brass to dry completely.
  2. Choose the Right Wax: Select a wax product specifically formulated for metal surfaces, such as brass or copper. Beeswax or carnauba wax are commonly used for brass. These waxes provide a protective barrier against the elements and help prevent tarnishing.
  3. Apply the Wax: Put a small amount of wax onto a soft cloth or applicator pad. Apply the wax to the brass surface in a thin, even layer. Work in small sections to ensure complete coverage. Avoid getting the wax on any non-brass parts or surrounding surfaces.
  4. Let it Dry: Allow the wax to dry on the brass surface according to the product instructions. The drying time may vary depending on the type of wax used. Do not rush the drying process as it’s essential for the wax to bond with the brass.
  5. Buff the Brass: Once the wax is dry, take a clean, soft cloth and buff the brass in circular motions. Apply gentle pressure to bring out the shine and remove any excess wax. Continue buffing until the brass surface is smooth and lustrous.
  6. Repeat if Necessary: If you desire a thicker protective layer or deeper shine, you can repeat the waxing process. Ensure you follow the instructions on the wax product and allow proper drying and buffing between applications.
  7. Maintain Regularly: Over time, the wax coating on outdoor brass may wear off due to exposure to weather conditions. To maintain the brass’s appearance and protection, periodically clean the surface and reapply wax following the above steps.

Remember, when waxing brass for outdoor use, it’s important to select a wax that is suitable for such conditions and regularly monitor the brass for signs of wear or deterioration.

Large Copper Letters

brushed-Satin-CopperBig solid copper letters, 380mm high, 10mm thick, threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing onto a wall. The letters have a brushed finish on the face and satin finished sides. The letters are clear protective coated.


Copper letters are custom cut to order using state of the art technology either CNC routed, waterjet cut or laser cut depending on the job and what machine is available to cut the letters at the time, letter are finished to the same which ever cutting method is used.large-copper-letters-380mmhigh-10mmthick

Brushed Copper Letters

Quality solid copper lettering 150mm high, 3mm thick, with a brushed face and clear protective coating made in a Times Roman font. Threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing on walls for exterior or interior use. An ideal solution for prestigious architectural sign solutions. Manufactured for the purpose of longevity. The neverend sign solution for naming a property or business.

This particular job was made for the purpose of fixing to a shop for a prestigious hair design studio.


The images above show lettering with a brushed verticle grain on the face. We also make the letters with a horizontal brushed grain. Horizontal brushed grain is produced as standard unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Copper letters are profile laser cut from 3mm thick or 6mm thick sheet material. 9mm thick letters are also available depending on stock levels.

All lettering are custom cut to order from a wide choice of over 1000 fonts. We can cut letters from your own artwork.

Copper logos may be cut from customers own artwork. Artwork required for cutting would need to be vector eps or ai files.

Letters are clear protective coated with a durable polyurethane.

25mm long threaded rods are stud welded to the back of the letters. Letters may be supplied without fixings when customer requires the letters to be glued instead.

For a beautiful looking, different, individual feel to a sign look no further than copper for your architectural sign requirements.

For advice and a price send us an email with your requirements.

Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium Letters

Dark bronze anodized aluminium letters with a vertical grain or horizontal grain. Custom made to order from customers artwork. Supplied in various thickness’s and sizes.

Example below indicates 268mm high letter, 19mm thick in a dark bronze anodized aluminium with a vertical brushed finish.


Anodized aluminium letters.

Painted Cast Metal Letters

Painted cast aluminium lettering, available in a select range of popular fonts, ideal for property name signs.


Example above indicates painted aluminium letters, cast to a height of 8″ and a thickness of 1.75″ thick, supplied with threaded rod fixings on the back for fixing onto a brick wall. Part of an order that said ‘RIVEN COURT’. The font used was called Roffe Font.

For advice and a price contact us by email